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The Best Cat Litter Box Enclosures

While we love our cats, we don't love the struggle of dealing with their litter boxes. Luckily, there are enclosures designed specifically to hide litter boxes in plain sight or at least keep the mess contained out of sight. Whether you're hoping to conceal the sight or smell (or both) of your cat's litter box, these litter box enclosures are sure to fit in with your space and discreetly hide your cat's business at the same time. Here, we present the best cat litter box enclosures on the market, ranging in style and price. Read on to find the perfect product for you and your feline friend.

The Best Cat Condos

Cats are notoriously picky. This is part of what makes having a cat in your life fun — their unpredictability makes them anything but boring. To give a little love back to your furry pal, a creatively designed cat condo can be a definite crowd-pleaser. Made to keep busy cats from getting bored, they also double as a cat scratching post. From simple, one-level tiered designs to more intricate, multi-level cat castles, we've got a list of a few feline favorites.

The Best Cat Litter Boxes With Lids

Cats are known for their wonderfully selective and delightfully temperamental behavior. While this is part of what makes having kitties fun, it's also what makes caring for them an exercise in patience. Such is especially true when it comes to the kitty litter box. While we may think that a kitty litter box is just a kitty litter box, to the feline eye, nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are very selective about their bathrooms, and it's up to us to discern their judgment. To help in this tedious process, we've created a list that'll please even the pickiest puss.

The Best Cat Fountains

It's hard to keep cats adequately hydrated when they’re not interested in drinking. Cat fountains are designed to maintain a steady stream of water to make drinking more appealing to cats. But before you buy a fountain, it’s worth taking a closer look at the capabilities of various types. To give you a jumpstart in your pursuit of the perfect fountain, we’ve chosen some favorites and have presented our list below.

The Best Grain Free Canned Cat Foods

Finding the perfect food for your feline friend can be an unexpected struggle. From dry food to wet food to natural and grain-free, there are many options and flavors out there to test. Whether you've got a picky eater on your hand or a cat with a grain allergy, grain-free foods are a great option if you're looking for high-quality, protein-packed meals for your pet. Read on for our favorite picks in the world of grain-free cat foods.

The Best Cat Backpacks

Have you ever wanted to take your cat with you as you run errands around town? Or perhaps you've wished for some company during your afternoon walks. It might be time to check out cat backpacks. Whether traveling by plane or just going for an evening stroll, cat backpacks are a hands-free way to bring your cat along. And they're more fun for your pet than a traditional cat carrier, as it allows them to move around and see what's going on. Read on for our favorite cat backpack picks to take your cat on your next adventure with you.

The Best Self Cleaning Little Boxes

Cats are wonderful, fun pets, but caring for one means dealing with a universally-hated chore: cleaning the litter box. Fortunately, self-cleaning litter boxes have made digging around with a flimsy plastic scoop a thing of the past. These litter boxes detect when your cat has used it and automatically remove the waste. This reduces the hassle of cleaning, and your kitty will appreciate their clean litter box. We’ve done the heavy lifting and looked into the best self-cleaning litter boxes available so that you can find a great option for you and your pet.

The Best Cat Grass

Cat grass is a great treat for both indoor and outdoor cats, and it’s simple to grow at home. Besides being a fun change from dry and wet food, cat grass boasts several health benefits for your kitties. It contains fiber, which helps with indigestion and bloating. It's also packed with vitamins A and D, which can supplement a balanced diet. We’ve researched the best cat grass kits available so that you can make the perfect choice for your own feline friends.