The Best Hairball Remedies For Cats

If you're sick of cleaning up after your cat every time they throw up a hairball, we completely get it. Thankfully, there are remedies to stop your cat from coughing up hairballs, even if they lick themselves regularly. Whether you prefer to give your cat treats or put a gel on their paws that reduces hairballs when they ingest it, there are plenty of options. We've rounded up a few of our favorite hairball remedies for cats to help you pick.

What to Look For

After researching hairball remedies for cats, we found the best ones are flavored, easy to ingest, and affordable. Based on these requirements, our top pick is Nutri-Vet’s paw gel. Safe to use on cats six weeks or older, you can apply a small dot to each of your cat’s front paws for them to lick. They’ll love the delicious chicken or salmon flavor. We also like the Pet Naturals hairball chews for their reasonable price. These chicken-flavored treats help with overall skin health, in addition to preventing the formation of hairballs. Keep reading to discover your new favorite hairball remedies for cats.

Nutri-Vet Hairball Cat Paw-Gel

Daily delicacy

Your cat won't be able to resist the delicious flavor this hairball-reducing gel has to offer.
Best Overall

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Since cats will always instinctively lick their paws, this Nutri-Vet paw gel will be the perfect spot for them to lick it all up. Available in either chicken or salmon flavor, this paw gel encourages your cat’s coat to grow strong and healthy so they shed less overall. This process, along with the natural oils in the gel, helps decrease the amount of hair digested and prevents hairballs from forming. Your cat will look and feel their best in no time.


  • Safe for daily use
  • A small amount of gel goes a long way
  • It doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors


  • The thin gel can be messy and challenging to put on your cat’s paws

Sentry Pet Care Hairball Relief for Cats

End the trend

Prevent the formation of hairballs one lick at a time with this flavored gel.
Runner Up

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This flavored supplement from Sentry Pet Care acts as a laxative to eliminate hairballs safely and helps prevent them from showing up in the future. There are specific feeding instructions on the tube depending on your cat’s size. But no matter their size, you always apply the lickable gel directly to their paws. It works quickly and effectively, preventing your precious kitty from dry heaving and coughing up stubborn hairballs.


  • Tasty malt flavor
  • The thick texture makes it easy to apply
  • It can help with diarrhea and issues caused by an upset stomach


  • Your cat needs to ingest this product on an empty stomach

Pet Naturals Hairball Treats for Cats

Works like a charm

These daily treats help reduce hairballs and may even eliminate them entirely.
Best Chews

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These affordable cat treats from Pet Naturals are tasty and designed to help reduce hairballs. Available in a delicious chicken liver flavor, it won’t be hard to get your cat to gobble up these treats. They are safe for daily use to help with overall skin health. Feel free to give your cat a few more treats to help them remove hairballs from their system.


  • Less messy than using a gel supplement
  • Free from corn, wheat, and artificial ingredients
  • The resealable bag keeps the treats fresh inside


  • It may take a few days for these treats to start working to remove hairballs

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food

Healthy eating

Switch up your cat's daily meals with this food designed to control the production of hairballs.
Best Food

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If your cat is constantly dealing with hairballs, switching up their food may be the best option. Hill’s Science Diet has formulated a dry cat food with natural fibers to cut down on hairballs. This high-quality food will also promote a healthy coat and help your cat build lean muscle. But the best part is that the pieces are small and easy to digest. And they come in a delicious chicken flavor that your pet won’t be able to resist.


  • Vitamin E and omega fatty acids keep your cat’s coat shiny and their skin nourished
  • Starts working immediately
  • Multiple size options


  • Not as affordable as other options

Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus

Start them young

This salmon-flavored gel is safe for kittens dealing with regular hairballs.
Best For Kittens

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Even though it is common for adult cats to get hairballs, it is also possible for kittens to deal with this uncomfortable digestive issue. This salmon-flavored paste from Hartz works with your pet’s digestive system to pass formed hairballs and prevent them from showing up in the future. Plus, it is safe for kittens as young as six months old. Your cat will love licking the appetizing paste off their paws whenever you apply it.


  • Specific feeding instructions included
  • Works on cats with long and short hair
  • You can also put the paste on your finger for them to lick off


  • This small tube may not last long, especially if you have more than one cat

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats get hairballs?

Unlike dogs and other animals, cats groom themselves by licking their fur instead of with water. While this is natural, they swallow any loose hair that their rough tongue picks up along the way. If you don’t brush your cat regularly or if they have long fur, they end up swallowing a lot of hair during the grooming process. The more hair your cat swallows, the more it collects in their stomach. And if there is too much for your cat’s system to break down and pass, they will throw it back up as a hairball to end the discomfort.

How do hairball remedies work?

Hairball remedies generally come as a thick gel or treat that your cat can ingest. Some work purely as laxatives, using oils to help the built-up hair pass through your cat’s system. But others can also prevent future hairballs by strengthening your cat’s coat and decreasing the fur they shed. If you are unsure whether your cat needs a hairball remedy, we recommend speaking with your vet for a second opinion.

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