The Best Cat Bowls For Whisker Fatigue

Your cat's whiskers are so sensitive they can detect small changes in the air current — and that's just one of their superpowers. As a result, they may experience whisker fatigue, which makes eating out of a deep cat food bowl uncomfortable. When this happens, whisker fatigue cat bowls can help. They're much shallower than standard cat bowls, allowing your kitty to eat without disturbing their whiskers. With so many cat bowls on the market, finding the right one can be difficult. To help you with your search, we've rounded up some of the best the internet has to offer.

What to Look For 

We recommend keeping the following things in mind when shopping for a cat bowl for whisker fatigue: Is it wide enough to ensure your cat’s whiskers will fit into it without getting smashed by the edges of the bowl? How much food can it hold? Is it made of cat-safe materials? Our top choice was the bowl from Van Ness, which makes it easy for cats to access food without placing stress on their whiskers. We were also impressed by the bowl from Necoichi, which is elevated, making it more comfortable for cats to eat from it. Read on to learn more about our top picks and discover the right one for your feline friend.

Van Ness EcoWare Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl

Chow down

Your cat will always be comfy when eating from this bow specifically designed to reduce whisker stress.
Best Overall

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Give your kitty’s whiskers a break with this cat bowl from Van Ness. The shallow bowl is designed to give your cat plenty of room to eat without placing stress on their whiskers. Its design makes it easy for cats to access food without disturbing their sensitive facial hair. The bottom of the bowl is coated with non-skid silicone material to protect your floors, prevent spills, and keep it from moving around while your kitty is eating. That’s not all; it contains no chemicals or heavy metals and is made from 47% bamboo material.


  • Easy to clean
  • Wide and shallow shape reduces whisker fatigue  
  • Made from food-safe, renewable plant material 
  • Non-skid bottom prevents spills, sliding, and floor damage


  • They’re not dishwasher safe

Necoichi Extra Wide Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl

Feeding time

Make it easy for your cat to eat with this bowl that won't stress your cat's whiskers.
Runner Up

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Make your cat’s mealtime as comfortable as possible with this elevated cat bowl from Necoichi. The bowl sits several inches off the ground, so your kitty won’t have to strain their neck when it’s time to eat. Plus, its extra-wide design puts less stress on your cat’s whiskers, decreasing their chances of suffering from whisker fatigue. It doesn’t end there; the bowl features a curved shape which keeps the food in the center of the bowl.


  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • High elevation relieves joint strain
  • Features an ergonomic lip that prevents spills and other messes
  • Elevated design may aid digestion and reduce vomiting after meals


  • May move around while your cat is eating

Lorde Non-Slip Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl

Easy eating

Keep your cat's whiskers happy with this shallow bowl.
Best Wide Dish

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Your cat will enjoy stress-free meals with these matching cat-shaped water and food bowls. The wide bowls sit at an angle that provides cats plenty of room to eat without disturbing their whiskers. Plus, the non-slip legs prevent slipping and sliding while your kitty eats. Moreover, they’re made of BPA-free melamine. Whether you use the dishwasher or wash them by hand, they’re easy to clean.


  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Available in three color combinations
  • Extra wide shape helps prevent whisker fatigue
  • Comes in a two-pack with food and water bowl


  • They’re not microwave safe

CatGuru Wide Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl

Time to dine

This bowl has everything needed to prevent whisker fatigue while eating.
Best For Small Cats

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This bowl from CatGuru is designed to give your kitty a relaxing eating experience. For one, the bowl is made of stainless steel, so it’s durable and resistant to cracks and scratches. We also appreciate how the shallow rippled design makes it easy for cats to access food while preventing whisker fatigue. The ripples also help keep kibble in the center of the bowl and prevent it from rolling around. Plus, the underside features a fitted, non-slip ring to minimize spills and keep the bowl in place while your cat eats. 


  • Rippled design prevents food from slipping and sliding and moves food to the center of the bowl
  • Made of stainless steel, so it’s much more durable than ceramic bowls
  • Design helps keep a cat’s face clean while eating
  • Doesn’t absorb smell like plastic bowls


  • Not the best choice for wet food 

Kitty City Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl

Eat up

This elevated bowl is designed to allow cats to eat stress-free.
Best Raised Bowl

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Take feeding time to new heights with this elevated cat bowl from Kitty City. The bowl’s raised design reduces strain on your cat’s body as they eat, and its ergonomic, whisker-friendly oval shape makes it easy for them to access food. It’s made from a durable plastic that’s dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep it clean. Even better, the set comes with a food bowl and a water bowl, making it an excellent value.


  • Elevated design supports digestion and allows for a natural eating posture
  • Oval-shape protects whiskers and makes it easy to get to food
  • non-skid bottom so it won’t slide when your cat eats
  • Comes with a food and water bowl


  • Made of plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I avoid touching my cat’s whiskers?

There’s no need to worry about touching your cat’s whiskers while petting or playing with them. Cats can generally control how their whiskers interact with the world, allowing them to independently manage this type of touch. However, your cat probably prefers that you don’t pet their whiskers daily.

Can I cut my cat’s whiskers?

You should never cut your cat’s whiskers, and doing so will not help them overcome whisker fatigue. Your cat needs their whiskers, and removing them is the equivalent of taking away or substantially dulling one of their senses. 

Does it hurt when a cat loses a whisker?

When a cat’s whisker falls out on its own, it’s not particularly painful. However, if someone intentionally pulls out a cat’s whisker, that will leave them uncomfortable and in pain.

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