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The Best Cat Earrings

Cat earrings are an excellent way to show off your favorite furry creature wherever you go. They come in all sorts of styles — studs to dangles, classy to cartoon. They're made in all different materials and colors, too, so you can find a pair for any occasion. To help you snag the cat earrings that are best for you, we've created a list of the best products currently available. To gather the perfect pieces, we asked ourselves the following questions: Will these work for people of all ages? How many different styles can these go along with? We were thoroughly impressed by Lanqueen's Cute Cat Studs for their adorable look and high-end materials. We also loved Bonsny's affordability and unique fashion. We can't wait for you to find your favorite by reading through the list below.

The Best Cat Decor

If you’re a regular reader of this website, you'll probably agree with us that there’s no such thing as too much cat apparel. Something about the appeal of feline companionship makes you want to have a little taste of cattitude everywhere you go, whether you’re organizing your office or getting cozy on your couch. Since you can’t bring your cat with you everywhere, we decided to come up with a list of the best cat décor you can find on the market. Before making it onto our top tier, these cat products had to pass three important bars: How adorable is it? Can it be used for everyday activities? Will it stand up to wear and tear? We found a world of cat products that cover an astonishing array of personal tastes, from the Post-it Store’s charming cat-shaped note dispenser to HiChen’s kitty-themed laundry basket that practically does everything but purr. There’s sure to be something to feed your feline obsession somewhere on this list, so find the purr-fect cat décor for you by reading our favorite picks.

The Best Cat Paw Cups

Can you consider yourself a true cat lover if you don’t have cat accessories to prove it? We think not. That’s why we're sharing one of our favorite ways to show your love for your feline friends: cat paw cups. Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee out of your favorite cat paw mug. Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable it will be to drink your eight cups of water a day when you do it out of a cat paw cup. Everything is better with a cat paw cup in hand. When deciding which cat paw cup would make it onto our list of favorites, we considered three different things: the overall quality and design, the material used for the cups, and the size. Our favorite cat paw cup was the one from Asionper because we love its paw shape design with a little print on the bottom. However, it doesn’t work as well for your morning cup of coffee like the cup from Angelice Home, which was another favorite of ours. Read on to learn more about our top picks.

The Best Cat Couches

If you're looking for a new snuggle spot for your cat, why not treat them to their very own luxurious couch? Pillows and blankets offer some comfort for your pet, but a couch provides a space they can truly call their own. As well as making a comfortable bed, these couches also provide posture support to make sure they feel fresh in the morning. During our search for the best cat couches, we had three questions in mind: Will the fabric on this couch keep our cats warm? How does the cushioning help to keep our cats comfortable? Are the materials durable and easy to wash? We love the elevated frame from MSMASK for its durable and snug design that's to win your cat over. If you're looking for an option offering padded cushion support, bear in mind that you need to provide your own pillow for this frame. For the ultimate in cozy comfort, check out the memory foam option from Furhaven, which offers orthopedic support during a snooze. Read on below to learn more about our top picks of cat couches on the market today.

by Jack

The Best Cosplay Cat Ears

Cat ears are some of the most common and most fun items in a cosplayer's wardrobe. They're perfect for recreating feline characters. They can also add a quirky pop of style to your daily look. To help you find the very best cat ears for your closet, we've gathered and reviewed some of the top versions available on the market today. To ensure we chose the very best pieces, we asked ourselves the following questions: Are these movable and bendable to create customized looks? Are these comfortable to wear for extended periods? We quickly fell in love with the simplicity of Merroyal's Glitter Ears, as well as the realistic style of Haoan's handmade version. Read on to learn more about or favorite picks.

The Best Calming Collars For Cats

We all love to see the playful and adventurous side of our cats. Occasionally, however, cheeky behavior can lead to the development of unhealthy patterns. Cat calming collars offer a potential solution to addressing the temperaments of restless or disruptive felines. They're also a handy remedy for disruptive episodes, such as moving or trips to the vet. As we searched for the best calming collars for cats, we had three questions in mind: How effective is the scent infusion at calming our cats? How long do the collars remain effective after use? How safe are the collars for our cats to wear, both supervised and alone? We were immediately drawn to Sentry Pet Care's collar. It offers a long-lasting formula that we found was very effective in soothing feline anxiety. If you're looking for a more subtle solution for indoor-only cats, Comfort Zone provides a breakaway collar fortified with soothing aromas and pheromones. Read on below to learn more about our favorite calming collars for cats.

by Jack

The Best Cat Wall Shelves

Cats love nothing more than a place of their own to nap, play, and stretch out. Cat wall shelves make the perfect option for providing your furry friends with a cozy, climbable space that will keep their claws out of your furniture. It isn't always easy to determine what the best shelf for your particular feline will be, though, which is why we've created this guide to the best wall shelves you can buy. In our research, we asked ourselves three questions: Is the shelf comfortable and easy to climb? Is it simple to assemble and set up? Is it sturdy enough to keep your cat safe? Between PetFusion's infinitely adjustable shelves built for fun to Fukumaru's tremendously sturdy and cozy hammock, we found plenty of cat wall shelves your feline companion is sure to adore. Read on and get ready to find your cat's favorite new hangout spot.

The Best Cat Slippers

It's hard not to love a product with a cat on it, right? Cat slippers are no different, as they're warm for your feet and your heart with their cute kitten design. It's hard to imagine a slipper that could be better than one with your favorite feline creature imprinted on the top. To help you find the very best cat slippers, we've gathered and reviewed some of the best on the market today. When making our selections, we asked the following questions: Can these be worn inside and outside? How supportive are they? Are they durable enough for daily use? We were impressed by Gund's Pushenosaurus slippers for their unique look and super soft feel, as well as Jugaogao's paw style and soft memory foam. Read on to learn more about our favorite picks.