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The Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountains

Ceramic cat water fountains are a terrific way to keep your kitty hydrated throughout the day. Ceramic fountains are not only great at making sure your cat has water outside of mealtime. They're also better for the earth, especially when compared to their plastic counterparts. However, that doesn't necessarily mean all ceramic cat water fountains will do the job just as well, which is why we've made this list of our favorites. Read on and find a new way to keep your cat cool.

The Best Heated Cat Houses

When seasons change and temperatures drop, many cat owners worry about keeping their furry friends warm enough. Heated cat houses can be a great solution for both indoor and outdoor cats. They can help stabilize their body temperature and provide shelter from harsh weather. There are plenty of styles, sizes, and features available among heated cat houses, so we've gathered a few suggestions to help you find the best one to meet your cat's needs.

The Best Cat Spray Deterrents

Cats are fluffy, fun, and adorable. They're also destructive. Your cuddly little best friend can turn your brand new couches from pristine to trash while you run out to the grocery store. Deterrent sprays help you stop them in their tracks, helping you keep your furniture and other valuables intact. They're a must-have for new kitten owners or feline parents with problem pets.

The Best Tuna Cat Treats

Tuna is a tasty treat for your little fuzzy feline, but it isn't exactly convenient to open a can whenever you want to give your cat a little snack. That's where tuna cat treats come in. Keep a bag or jar of them around, and you always have a way to appease your furry overlord. And don't worry. We know they can be picky, so we've done the research to bring you some of the best options.

The Best Cat Décor

Cat décor is a fun way to express our love for our furry friends. There are options for everyone, too. From adorable little statuettes to huge wall paintings, you can easily find what you need to add the kitty cuteness or feline elegance you want to show off. We found a few fabulous options to help you add to your collection or get one started.

The Best Catios

Cats love spending time outside, but it isn't safe to let them wander. Between predators, parasites, and other cats, there are too many ways for them to get hurt. A catio is a perfect compromise. It provides your kitty with a secure place to play, nap, and explore the great outdoors without any direct contact with the dangers of open spaces. The trick is to find the right one.

The Best Cat Tents

Cat tents are a fabulous way to give your cat more time outside while keeping them safe from predators and other scary things in the wild. They also make it much easier to take your fuzzy feline camping or hiking with you. There are many different styles and sizes, so we did the leg work to help you narrow the options.

The Best Cat Litter Pellets

Cat litter pellets are an excellent alternative to the usual clay or crystal litters. They quickly absorb odors and liquid to help you avoid the icky smell that tends to stick around your litter box, while many of them release a soothing, fresh scent. And best of all, they're often much more affordable than traditional options. The trick is to find which pellets will work best for your cat.