The Best Cat Themed Necklaces

Whether adding to your jewelry collection or searching for a gift for a feline-loving friend, cat-themed necklaces have you covered. They come in different sizes, colors, and styles, making it easy to find one to fit any occasion or personality. Plus, they're unique and stand out from more standard jewelry.

What to Look For

If you want to ensure the cat-themed necklace you choose is just what you’re looking for, we recommend focusing on material quality, size, and overall style. For example, the sterling silver Wristchie cat pendant necklace is elegant and tiny enough to wear daily or to events without looking clunky. On the other hand, the gold-plated Valloey Rover pendant necklace has simple lines that pop, allowing it to stand out a little more without overwhelming the rest of your look. If neither of these necklaces is what you’re looking for, you can check out the rest of our favorite pieces below.

Uuonly Hello Kitty Necklace

Eye-catching and adorable

Sparkling crystals and a cute design make these necklaces a fun choice for any anime lover.
Runner Up

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This adorable Hello Kitty necklace from Uuonly gives our favorite anime cat friend an elegant look. It has clean lines, pretty crystals, and a matching rope chain that can hold up to more than the standard box chains. You can choose from clear or purple crystals as a personal touch, and the sterling silver plated steel has a high-end look. It also comes tucked into a sweet little pink bag with a bow for easy gifting.


  • Excellent gift for any occasion
  • Silver plating doesn’t fade or tarnish
  • Longer chain allows it to fit adults and kids
  • Pendant isn’t as small as many competitors


  • Crystals on the feet are still white, even if you choose the one with a purple bow

Wristchie Cat Pendant

Stunningly simple

These detailed yet minimalistic necklaces are perfect for almost any occasion.
Best Overall

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The Wristchie cat pendant comes in a few styles, making it easy to find one that fits your needs perfectly. And since each chain and pendant is sterling silver, they can last for years. They make wonderful gifts, as well. In fact, they’re already boxed up with a cute note that helps your loved one feel extra special. The dainty size and simple design also help them look appropriate anywhere, adding to their versatility.


  • Perfect for effortless gifting
  • Great choice for kids or adults
  • Looks much more expensive than it is
  • Smooth finish adds elegance and a high-end feel


  • Chain is quite delicate

Valloey Rover Tiny Dot Necklace

Affordably elegant

Clean lines and beautiful designs help you get the look you want without breaking the bank.
Best On A Budget

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Smooth, curved lines and adorable cat ears make the Valloey Rover tiny dot necklace a stand-out option. It’s a little bigger than most cat pendants, but it retains a simple, elegant style, making it a fabulous choice for high-end parties or events. The gold plating is crisp and clean and covers all of the brass underneath, while the brass itself ensures it stands up to lots of wear. And if the cat isn’t cutting it, you can check out the other beautiful designs.


  • Boxed and ready for gifting
  • Very affordable with high-end design
  • Doesn’t tarnish as easily as most gold-plated jewelry
  • Looks great at all kinds of parties, dates, and other events


  • Loses its color if you get it wet often

Hello Kitty Jewelry Set

Complete package

Show your loved one how much they mean to you with this sweet necklace and matching earrings.
Best Gift

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This jewelry set is perfect when you want to give a special child in your life a complete Hello Kitty set they can wear anywhere. Each of the five sets has its own accent color. You can choose from purple, teal, and a few other popular hues, making it easier than ever to match every recipient’s individual style. Plus, who wouldn’t love to have earrings to match their favorite necklace?


  • Colors don’t fade or wear away
  • Fantastic gift for kids, teens, or adults that love Sanrio
  • Sturdy chain and pendant hold up to daily wear with ease
  • Very affordable, especially since you get matching earrings


  • No gift box or bag

FaithHeart Matching Cat Necklaces

Stay connected

These matching kitty pendants are perfect for best friends, couples, and other tight duos.
Best Set

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These stunning yin-yang matching cat necklaces from FaithHeart are ideal for best friends, couples, parents and children, and other duos that love to show their connection. They come as a set of two. One has a black cat with white accents, while the other is white with black accents. Each boasts a long chain, and when you come together, they fit into each other as perfectly as any puzzle. You can also choose to customize them as an added touch.


  • Cute without being too childish
  • Very affordable for two necklaces
  • High-quality look makes them a great gift
  • Personal option compared to most generic cat pendants


  • A little delicate, so you have to be careful not to wear them to gym or sports

Frequently Asked Questions

What do gold and silver plating mean?

Gold and silver plating refers to a process where a more affordable metal is coated in a thin layer of either gold or silver. It brings the costs down while still allowing you to have the look and feel of precious metals. We think it’s an excellent choice if you’re on a budget and want to build a jewelry collection.

How do I keep my cat-themed necklace looking its best?

Caring for your cat-themed necklace comes down to two main details. The first is the material. Solid gold and real silver have different hardness levels when compared to plated jewelry. In fact, many caustic jewelry cleaners you’d use for solid gold and sterling silver would ruin plated pieces. The second is storage. Anytime you aren’t wearing your necklace, it should be put into a jewelry box or case to prevent corrosion.

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