The Best Tuna Cat Treats

Tuna is a tasty treat for your little fuzzy feline, but it isn't exactly convenient to open a can whenever you want to give your cat a little snack. That's where tuna cat treats come in. Keep a bag or jar of them around, and you always have a way to appease your furry overlord. And don't worry. We know they can be picky, so we've done the research to bring you some of the best options.

What to Look For

Your cat is your best friend. That’s why it’s essential to ensure their tuna treats are tasty and healthy. To do that, we recommend focusing on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The freshest options, like the Inaba Tuna Fillet, provide advanced nutrition and delectable taste. However, they are pricey, so if you’re on a budget, you may want to stick to the more shelf-stable and affordable Temptations Tempting Tuna treats. Sometimes it only comes down to what your cat will actually eat, so if you want a wider variety of options, check out the list below.

Temptations Tempting Tuna Treats

Tempting taste and texture

Meaty filling and a crunchy crust make these treats irresistible to kitties of all ages.
Best Overall

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Temptations’ classic treats are packed full of tuna flavor. The outer crunchy coating gives your furry friend something to munch and cleans their teeth, while the soft middle section offers a meaty taste and texture. However, the best part is the price. This bulk-sized pack of snacks is exceptionally affordable, and many picky kitties love them, making them a great starting option.


  • These treats are like potato chips to cats, and they’ll often come looking for you to get them some.
  • They last a long time, and you don’t need to worry about mold or mush, making them perfect for anyone who goes through treats slowly.
  • Because cats love them so much, they make great training treats.


  • These seem to be a bit unhealthy compared to more natural options. However, if fed in moderation, they’re no worse than people eating the occasional cookies.

Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up Cat Treats

Tasty interaction

These yummy pate packs are perfect for playtime.
Runner Up

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Whether you’re trying to bond with a new kitten or rescue cat or want a fresh way to interact with your fuzzball, the Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up Cat Treats have you covered. Each packet is filled with a pate-style tuna blend that cats can’t resist. All you need to do is pop one open and sit with your pet as they enjoy their snack.


  • You can use this pate to coat your picky cat’s food if you’re struggling to get them to eat.
  • It has a strong flavor, and you can easily mix oral medications into it to help get them down.
  • These packets are easier to use and open than cans.


  • Making these pouches a regular part of your cat’s treat rotation can be pricey.

Inaba Natural Tuna Fillet

Filet for your feline

Savory broth and all-natural tuna make these treats a true delicacy.
Best Healthy Treat

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If health is your top priority, we think you’ll love these natural tuna fillet treats from Inaba. They’re crafted using tuna, tuna flavored broth, vitamin E, and green tea extract. Each ingredient works together to make an irresistible tasty treat that adds nutrition and enrichment to your cat’s life and diet. Plus, it’s free of grains, artificial ingredients, and preservatives to protect your kitty.


  • Cats love these treats and quickly become obsessed, making it easy to use them for medications or as a distraction while you do their nails or brush their fur.
  • It’s a literal slab of tuna with vitamin-fortified broth. You can’t go wrong.
  • You can mix it in with your cat’s hard food if you’ve been struggling to get them to eat.


  • The sodium content is high, so we think it prudent to limit these treats to once a day.

PureBites Freeze-Dried Raw Tuna Treats

Simply tasty

With this single-ingredient snack, your cat gets all of the taste of tuna with none of the questionable additives you'd find in other brands.
Best Freeze Dried Treat

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Freeze-dried foods are excellent for providing nutrition and clean ingredients while avoiding spoiling meat. That’s why we recommend PureBites Freeze-Dried Raw Tuna Treats. Each pack is made using 100% pure ocean-caught yellowfin tuna that’s been freeze-dried and packaged quickly to avoid any off-taste or smells, which could turn your cat off.


  • As soon as you open the package, the smell of tuna smacks you in the face. That’s exactly what the cats want, so we think it’s a good thing.
  • The strong scent and flavor help cover the smell of medications, so you can use them with pill pockets or cheese to help get them down.
  • Considering the quality, these treats are super affordable.


  • Since it’s freeze-dried, the fish falls apart and turns to dust with little effort, resulting in tiny pieces in the bag.

Sheba Meaty Tender Tuna Sticks

Long-lasting contentment

The real meat and tender texture help these chewy sticks keep your kitty busy.
Best Chewy Treat

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Sheba’s meaty tuna sticks are a fantastic way to keep your kitty occupied. You can give one to them while you do their nails or brush their fur, or set them in their catio with one while you get chores done around the house. They’re rich in proteins and vitamins, helping you add a little extra nutrition and fun to your feline’s day all in one step.


  • Even the pickiest cats seem to enjoy the taste of these chewy meat treats.
  • They have little notches that allow you to break them into pieces if you’re trying to keep your kitty’s weight down.
  • Many cats with sensitive stomachs seem to handle these treats particularly well.


  • Once the bag is open, you may find that the sticks harden fast. We recommend putting them into a Ziploc or something similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my cats need treats every day?

Treats are not a daily necessity for keeping your car healthy. However, most cats thrive on routine, so having a daily treat time can help make them feel safe and secure. As long as you follow feeding guidelines, daily snacks aren’t an issue.

Why should I choose tuna flavors over other options?

Tuna has a strong scent and flavor, which can help it attract cats who struggle to find foods they enjoy. If your feline friend has avoided other flavors, you may want to give it a shot.

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