The Best Pill Pockets For Cats

Wrapping feline medication in a slice of cheese will only work so many times, which is where pill pockets for cats come into play. These edible shells allow you to discretely hide a pill inside of a cat treat, giving them necessary medication as well as a tasty snack simultaneously. But not all pill pockets for cats work — or taste — as good as the rest, which is why we've made this selection of our favorite picks.

What to Look For

These pill pockets for cats had to meet a few standards for us to be able to recommend them: Does the pill fit into them easily? Are they a good balance between tasty and healthy? Will your cat be able to get the pill down without a problem? These particular pill pockets found a place right next to the cat chow in our pantries. Feline Greenies won the day thanks to their healthy recipe mixed with easy-to-use pills and packaging. We also had to praise Tomlyn’s pill pockets, which provided many delicious servings at an affordable cost. Keep reading to see what other pill pockets for cats ended up landing a place on our kitty menu.

Feline Greenies Pill Pockets

The classic

One of the original pill pockets for cats also happens to be one of the best.
Best Overall

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Feline Greenies make our favorite pill pockets for cats, and if you try them, we think you’ll agree. The recipe was formulated and approved by veterinarians, creating a pocket that tastes great to cats, is easy on their tummies, and doesn’t leave a mess. The pouch they come in is also as easy to close up as the pill pockets. This is our go-to pill pocket for cats due to being the simplest, most effective choice out there.


  • We found that dogs love these treats as well, so these pockets are suitable for multi-pet households.
  • They’re tasty enough that they can be used as treats on their own merits, whether they’re encasing a pill or not.


  • Since there are carbohydrates, they aren’t suitable for diabetic cats.

Vetoquinol Pill Wrap

Big and tasty

Lots of flexible, delicious treats can be made from just one order of this product.
Runner Up

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This unique paste comes with many advantages. For one, the substance is entirely moldable, meaning you can make it as large or small as you need. The bacon flavoring effectively blocks the scent of medication, and a single container can provide over 50 servings. Pill pockets for cats are rarely as versatile as these.


  • Since it only uses natural or food-grade ingredients, it’s great for cats with allergies or sensitive tummies.
  • The container is astonishingly light for holding so much paste, weighing in at a mere quarter of a pound.
  • Lots of care has been given regarding the texture and moisture level of the treat.


  • The paste is sticky, and you need to wash your hands after using it.

Tomlyn Pill Masker

Getting yourself covered

With over 50 available pill pockets for cats in one container, this product represents an excellent value.
Best Value

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The number of pill pockets for cats you get from one can of this paste is simply beyond compare. This moist paste doesn’t dry out during the oiling process, and it’s composed of 25% moisture to make sure it goes down smooth. Plus, the bacon flavor is tasty enough that cats will want it as a treat all on its own. Factor in that you get more than 50 pill pockets for cats from this mixture, and you have a winner.


  • The high moisture content is ideal for cats with stomach or digestion issues.
  • It’s thin enough that the pill will dissolve quickly yet thick enough to block the taste and smell of the medicine with bacon flavoring.


  • The container isn’t made from especially high-end materials.

Vitakraft Meaty Morsels Soft Cat Treats

Snacking for health

These bendy, savory treats make great pill pockets in their own right.
Best Treat

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While primarily a snack, Vitakraft’s treats also pull double duty as great pill pockets for cats. The soft, bendy texture makes it easy to tuck a pill right in the middle. And thanks to the healthy and delicious formula made from real salmon, your kitty will be none the wiser. This is one of the best pill pockets for cats who need their treats as tasty as possible.


  • It’s extremely affordable when compared to standard pill pockets for cats.
  • Their softness makes them ideal for senior cats or those with digestion issues.


  • There aren’t very many treats per single bag.

Pet MD Wrap-A-Pill

Watered down

This is an ideal paste for getting medicine droplets to go down smoothly.
Best For Liquids

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While there are many pill pockets for cats, few are designed for specific use with liquid medicine. This paste from Pet MD absorbs liquid drops while retaining their content, ensuring your pet still gets all the medication they need. It also contains fewer calories than other pill pockets, making it a healthy choice as well. This paste is an excellent choice for both solids and liquids, so it’s a practical choice for cats with multiple medication types.


  • Since it’s made for older dogs and cats, it’s guaranteed to go down gently.
  • Unlike other pill pockets, it doesn’t smell or stick to your hands.
  • You get enough paste per container to last your cat a long time.


  • The moisture can wear off if the pill isn’t swallowed relatively quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need pill pockets for cats even if my cats aren’t sick?

Even if your cats aren’t sick, pill pockets for cats can often be great snacks in their own right. Plus, you never know when your cat might come down with something, and it’ll be good to have something to put their meds in if that should happen.

How can I tell if pill pockets for cats are safe for my kitty?

Unless your cat has specific dietary restrictions, most pill pockets for cats should be safe for them to consume, although that doesn’t mean they’re all made from the same quality of ingredients. Check the ingredients to see if the formula contains real meat or “meat product,” as the two are not quite the same thing.

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