The Best GPS Cat Collar Trackers

Not knowing where your cat has gone is one of the worst feelings a pet owner can experience. A GPS cat collar can ensure your beloved feline friend's safety by tracking their movements throughout the day, letting you know if they're safe and sound. However, this isn't the type of purchase you want to make without doing some thorough research. Luckily, we've made a list of the best GPS collars you can buy for your cat. We came up with three major questions a collar had to answer to receive a recommendation from us: Is the tracker wide-ranging and accurate? Is it comfortable for your cat? Can it withstand more than a few bumps and scratches? We were delighted to find a number of collars that will put any pet owner's mind at ease. For sheer durability, FitBark wins out in the rough-and-tumble department. But for those who want to track their cat with almost military precision, Eureka Technology's GPS system is the way to go. Read on to learn more about our favorite picks. We're sure there's a GPS collar you and your cat will love somewhere on our list, so get those paws ready to roam and read on.

Tractive Waterproof GPS Tracker

The pick of the litter

This collar wins our top choice for the one you'll want if your kitty wanders away.
Best Overall

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We found this GPS cat collar from Tractive to be the all-around winner for usability and reliability. This collar comes with an app that allows you to create virtual “fences” which are areas on your GPS where you know your cat is safe. It then sends out an alert when your cat is no longer within the fence. It’s also waterproof and records your cat’s movement history throughout the day. This is your ideal GPS cat collar if you want a safe bet that’s equally safe for your feline friend.


  • We like that you can turn it off when your cat is inside or when you know they’re safe and sound.
  • Its accompanying app is easy to use and customizable according to your needs.
  • The battery holds a strong charge, even when tracking your cat in real time.


  • The plastic straps used for attaching it to the collar might get beaten up by feistier cats.

Ultimate GPS Tracker from Whistle

Built to last

This collar maintains its charge for a long time, keeping you up to date on your cat no matter how far they wander.
Best Battery Life

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You never want a cat GPS collar to power down when you need it most, which is what makes Whistle’s collar so vital. A 20-day battery and strong signal ensure you’ll know your cat’s whereabouts for the better part of a month. Plus, night lights and location updates every 15 seconds add an extra level of awareness and security. This is cat GPS collar truly goes the distance.


  • The night light can be turned on manually via the app, giving your cat extra visibility when they’re out late.
  • You can add multiple owners to your account in case catsitters or relatives need to know your pet’s location too.


  • Unfortunately, the collar and app require a paid subscription to get the most use out of them.

FitBark GPS Tracker

One tough collar

This GPS tracker can take bites, claws, and bumps all day from even the rowdiest cat.
Most Durable

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The name may call dogs to mind, but the Fitbark makes for a superb GPS cat collar as well. This collar is hardy but light, made from durable material that won’t weigh your cat down during their outdoor adventures. It also uses a powerful battery, features for monitoring your cat’s anxiety and skin health, as well as the ability to link and coordinate with devices like Fitbit. This is a GPS cat collar that can do it all and in a durable package as well.


  • We found that the included instructional video in the app simplifies the set-up process.
  • We were impressed that this collar could reach its full charge in under an hour.


  • The tracker takes a few minutes to update your pet’s whereabouts when moving between locations.

Bartun LTE GPS Tracker

Near and far

Because its tech doesn't rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this collar can find your cat almost anywhere in the world.
Widest Coverage

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If you’re worried about your GPS collar losing your cat’s location over a bad connection, Bartun has you covered. A 4G-enabled SIM card powers this card’s tracking data. That means a poor Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection won’t disrupt this GPS. Also, this system operates in over 150 countries, making it ideal if you take your cat on vacation. We think this is the worry-free GPS collar for those who want to keep track of their kitty over any distance.


  • A waterproof body and high voltage battery mean you’ll be able to track your cat in practically any environment.
  • This coin-sized tracker attaches easily to almost any collar.


  • The collar won’t work without a SIM card, which, unfortunately, isn’t included.

Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System -Eureka Technology

Working smarter and harder

This GPS collar is many steps ahead of the pack when it comes to sheer scope and power.
Most Advanced

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If you want a cat GPS collar that could best be described as “professional,” nothing comes close to Eureka Technology’s Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System. This GPS runs entirely on the provided technology, meaning no apps, subscription fees, or even Wi-Fi functionality is required for it to find your cat. It’s accurate, easy to use, and if your cat gets lost in rough conditions, it’s also waterproof. For a cat GPS collar that can find your kitty under any and all circumstances, accept no substitutes.


  • The alarm can be customized to make different sounds when your pet is varying distances away.
  • The tag is very durable as well as waterproof. We found that it can take a tremendous amount of punishment before faltering.
  • A strong battery ensures this cat GPS collar will work at maximum efficiency for days.


  • It is definitely on the pricier end of pet GPS systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are so many of these GPS cat collars listed as being for dogs as well?

A lot of GPS collars are made with dogs in mind, and also happen to be functional for cats. Very few GPS collars are made specifically for cats, but we’ve made this list with collars that are functional and comfortable for kitties in mind.

What type of connection is best for my GPS cat collar?

The type of connection you should look for is mainly based on the environment you live in. Urban pet owners will do fine with a collar that runs on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, while people who live in rural areas with spottier wireless service might do well to get a collar that runs off a SIM card or one that uses self-contained tracking technology.

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