The Best Cat Window Hammocks

If you’re a cat owner, you probably know how much your kittie loves to nap. To a cat, there's nothing like curling up in a cozy nook and getting some beauty sleep, especially if it's next to a sunlit window. With a cat window hammock, you can give them a luxurious spot for lounging and sleeping.

What to Look For

To help you choose a great cat perch, we’ve compiled a list of the best cat window hammocks on the market. Some of them feature easy installation, such as PEFUNY’s and Pupagree’s suction-cup window hammocks. For the fancy cats, K&H sells a luxurious heated window perch. If you want an aesthetically pleasing window hammock that’s also user-friendly, we especially love the JOYO window seat for its wood accents. Keep reading, and you might discover your cat’s new favorite go-to spot.

PEFUNY Cat Window Perch

A primo spot

Every cat deserves to live like royalty, and this suction-cup window hammock gives them a bed fit for kings and queens.
Top Pick

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Cats love a window hammock. It combines two of their favorite things: snooping outside and sleeping in the sun. This window hammock can set up the perfect perch for your fur baby. Installation couldn’t be easier, and best of all, this can be easily moved around the house. You can set this hammock up wherever you have a window or smooth surface. And if you own more than one cat, you’re in luck as this perch holds up to 40lbs. Of course, you may have to break up some fights as they try and claim the window throne. If that happens, another window hammock should appease them.


  • The mesh bed is constructed from durable material that’s made to last. Even cats that like to chew and scratch a lot will have a hard time ruining this bed.
  • Because of its four suction cups, you can place this hammock across the frame of a window. For example, double and French-paned windows can still support it.


  • The strings may be distracting for young kittens who are still in training.

Pupagree Window Mounted Perch

The cat haven

Cats love this window hammock for perching, while cat owners love it for how easy it is to set up.
Easiest To Assemble

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You might think that setting up a window hammock is tough, but it couldn’t be easier. With Pupagree’s window-mounted perch, you simply assemble the bed and affix it to your window with the four extra-large suction cups. Not only that, it’s simple to remove and relocate as well. We especially love how the size of this cat hammock can easily hold one or two cats — up to 40lbs total. The bed is made of a durable mesh material, and a small soft mat is also included. You can also add your own soft bedding. But be forewarned: you might never get your cat down from this spot.


  • We found the installation to be fairly stress-free. It should only take around 10 minutes.
  • We were pleased to learn that the mesh bedding resists scratches and bites. It should last you a long while.


  • Because of the extra-wide frame, this may not fit on smaller windows.

PetPawJoy Cat Window Perch

High quality, low price

Instead of spending tons on expensive cat towers, use one of these cat hammocks for a quick and easy napping spot.
Most Affordable

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If you’d like to create the perfect spot for your cat to nap but don’t want to shell out for a cat tower, this window-mounted perch is the ideal solution. Your cat can get a secluded safe space, and you can save some money and space in your home. This cat hammock features a soft bed that can be easily cleaned. It holds up to 30lbs of weight, so even larger cats can enjoy a window perch. For a safe, secure window seat your cat will love, you won’t go wrong with this model from the aptly named PetPawJoy.


  • You can install this on double windows or French-paned windows.
  • We thought the bedding material felt soft but didn’t retain odors and stains like cotton. It’s also easy to clean fur off with this hammock.


  • It probably won’t support multiple cats if they’re over 15lbs each.

K&H Pet Products Heated Fleece Window Hammock

Warm and inviting

This heated cat bed is sure to delight cats that enjoy a warm spot for snoozing.
Best Heated

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Who doesn’t love a heated blanket or mattress? We certainly do, and more importantly, our cats do as well. So naturally, we had to check out this lavish bed from K&H. The heated bed is a game-changer, and your cat may never want to leave it. Installation can be as simple as attaching velcro strips to your window frame, or you can use screws for a more permanent solution.


  • We like that this hammock won’t prevent your windows from opening.
  • The foam padding provides soft support, perfect for elderly or injured cats.


  • It’s difficult to install this anywhere besides the bottom of a window.

JOYO Cat Window Perch

Understated style

This smartly designed window perch uses suction cups and wires underneath the bed for support, making it an unobtrusive addition to your window.
Best Appearance

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If you want a cat hammock with a slim profile on your window, we’ve got just the item for you. This clever device uses suction cups and wires underneath the wooden bed and frame to support up to 40lbs. Because of this, there aren’t unsightly wires hanging on your window.


  • This can be mounted very high up on windows for cats that love being above everyone else.
  • The bed is on the harder side, which many cats prefer. You can always throw a soft blanket or cat mattress on top as well.


  • We noticed that fur can get stuck inside the carpeted bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I securely attach a suction-cup window hammock?

With most suction-cup perches, you’ll want to first soak the suction cups in steaming water to soften them. Then, make sure that the window is free of dirt and oil. When you stick the suction cups on, make sure the window itself is dry. After that, use a little bit of moisture on the cups for a secure connection.

How can I get my cat to use the window hammock?

If your kitty already has a favorite bed or cloth, try adding it on top of the existing bed. You can also try using their favorite toy or treat to entice them onto the platform.

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