The Best Cat Water Fountains

Refilling your cat's water bowl is so last century. These days, filtered cat fountains are all the rage because they provide clean water for kitties and save their owners a lot of hassle. Plus, they look cute and sound relaxing. If you're tired of bending down to refill the water bowl, maybe it's time you treat yourself and your kitty. We scoured the web for the best cat fountains using the following criteria: Does it come with replacement filters? How quiet is it? How well does it filter water? Is it easy to clean? For example, PetSafe's Drinkwell fountain features an easily collapsible design, letting you clean every nook and cranny with ease. If quietness is your top priority, PETLIBRO's whisper-quiet fountain is your best bet. And for a fountain with all the fixings, Veken is your best bet, with an adorable flower fountain spout and matching protective silicone mat. Read on to learn more about our favorite picks.

Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Fit for feline royalty

This charming flower fountain will keep your pets hydrated with fresh water all day long.
Best Overall

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We love this adorable cat water fountain for so many reasons. It uses three filters for ultra-clean water. There’s even a silicone mat to prevent spills from damaging your floor. The flower fountain spout looks adorable and somehow flows almost noiselessly. If you’re sensitive to sounds, this is a great cat fountain to buy.


  • It’s heavy enough so it won’t get knocked around by larger pets.
  • The clever filter design keeps cat hair out of the bottom basin. Instead, it’s trapped in the top part of the fountain, easy to clean away when necessary.
  • We think that the replacement filters are relatively inexpensive.


  • You may need a pipe cleaner or small wire brush to fully clean out the tubes.

NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain

Almost invisible

This beautiful clear cat water fountain keeps cats drinking from where they're supposed to.
Runner Up

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Have you ever been at the sink washing your hands, and your cat comes up to the faucet for a drink? If you have a faucet-loving cat like our own, you might want to look into the WF050 cat water fountain. It features a beautiful clear design and a faucet-like spout. We love how easy it is to see when it’s time for refilling. If you know your cat loves some good old-fashioned flowing water, they’ll love this top-notch cat water fountain.


  • There’s enough volume to hold water for a long weekend if you need to leave your cats alone for a few days. Ultimately, it can last up to a week with one cat.
  • Because this is entirely translucent, we think it will easily blend into any home decor.


  • Unfortunately, this does not come with a wall adapter for the USB power cable.

PETLIBRO Cat Water Fountain

Cool, calm, clean water

For those who don't enjoy the sound of running water, this is the ideal fountain for your cats.
Quietest Operation

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So you want fresh water for your cats, but you hate the sound of loud splashing water. Look no further because this is the water fountain for you and your feline friends. It houses a generous reservoir with a large filter, so you’ll be good to go for a while before having to replace the filter or adding more water. On top, however, there isn’t a lot of standing water, so you won’t have to deal with water everywhere from a splashing kitty.


  • We found that cats love drinking straight from the spout. This will keep them away from your sinks.
  • It’s small enough for toy breeds to drink from and large enough for medium-sized pets.
  • The soft blue at the top gives this fountain a pleasing appearance like you know the bluest, freshest natural water is constantly awaiting your cat.


  • We wish that the included power cable was a bit longer.

PetSafe Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain

Pure water for your favorite furry friend

This two-level fountain provides clean water that your precious cat deserves.
Best Looking

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Cat water fountains don’t have to be plastic. PetSafe uses ceramic instead, making it an attractive and practical addition to your home.  The fountain is dishwasher safe, and it’s not complicated to take apart for cleaning, so you won’t find any dreaded sludge building up. Our favorite part is the dual-layer, pagoda-like structure: small and large pets can both enjoy this water fountain. Plus, it gives it a pleasing aesthetic appearance, symmetrical and soothing.


  • We like how the simple square design keeps water from stagnating or collecting debris and fur.
  • Replacement parts and filters are relatively inexpensive.


  • If you’re looking for a quieter fountain, this cat water fountain is on the louder side, so

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Break it down

Keeping your fountain clean has never been easier with this top-of-the-line drinking fountain for cats.
Easiest To Clean

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With a large enough reservoir to last a week, this fountain is easy to maintain. And cleaning it is a breeze, with an easy disassembly process to access every spot. There’s a very slight noise of falling water, which we find soothing, but it’s barely noticeable unless the room is dead quiet or you’re right next to the fountain. Thanks to the snap-on reservoir lid, refilling it takes a quick minute.


  • The water dish section doesn’t hold so much water that your cat will splash and slosh it all over your floor. Instead, the reservoir holds most of the water, cycling it through the filter constantly.
  • You can adjust the rate of water flow for a quieter sound.
  • The filter lasts a good while, about four to six weeks.


  • We found that certain sections of the fountain need a small brush or pipe cleaner to fully clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace a cat water fountain filter?

We recommend changing the filter every two to four weeks. Of course, every fountain is different, so make sure you check with the manufacturer for their recommended replacement schedule.

How often should I clean a cat water fountain?

It’s best to clean cat water fountains at least weekly if possible. Cat hair and other debris can potentially clog pumps and filters and sully the water.

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