The Best Cat Wall Shelves

Cats love nothing more than a place of their own to nap, play, and stretch out. Cat wall shelves make the perfect option for providing your furry friends with a cozy, climbable space that will keep their claws out of your furniture. It isn't always easy to determine what the best shelf for your particular feline will be, though, which is why we've created this guide to the best wall shelves you can buy. In our research, we asked ourselves three questions: Is the shelf comfortable and easy to climb? Is it simple to assemble and set up? Is it sturdy enough to keep your cat safe? Between PetFusion's infinitely adjustable shelves built for fun to Fukumaru's tremendously sturdy and cozy hammock, we found plenty of cat wall shelves your feline companion is sure to adore. Read on and get ready to find your cat's favorite new hangout spot.

Fukumaru Cat Hammock

Happy hammock

Comfy, safe, and fun for cats of all kinds, this shelf made an easy pick for our top choice.
Best Overall

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If you’re new to the world of cat shelves, this charming offering from Fukumaru is a great place to start. These cat wall shelves are easy to build, made of high-quality wood, and are machine washable for added convenience. Plus, the all-natural cotton material of the fabric guarantees cat-approved coziness.


  • The hammocks are cozy yet sturdy and can accommodate heavy cats.
  • The mattress is very close to the supporting slats, so cats won’t easily fall through.
  • These cat wall shelves are great for fidgety cats who need a designated climbing space.


  • It isn’t as easy to install on drywall as it should be.

Fukumaru Wall Mounted Cat Climbing Shelf

Affordable fun for your feline

This wall shelf offers your cat a fun spot for exercise and naps, all at an affordable price.
Best Value

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Fukumaru does it again with these cozy, climbable cat wall shelves that provide fun and comfort at a great price. These boards are bound using jute rope, making them safe and comfortable for cats. Since the rope is soft enough for cats to lay down on and the shelves support plenty of climbing adventures, these shelves are a great choice for play or relaxation.


  • The reliable wood craftsmanship means even chunky cats can get in on the climbing fun.
  • These steps are great for arthritic cats who may need help reaching their favorite perches.
  • Multiple cat wall shelves can be installed above and below each other to make an extended staircase.


  • Each shelf is a bit narrow, so bigger cats may need some time to get used to them.

7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

Fit for kittens and chonkers alike

No matter how big or small your cat may be, this shelf set will hold them up with ease.
Most Durable

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We all love a beefy kitty, and this set from 7 Ruby Road lets larger cats relax and get some much-needed exercise. The sturdy, soft hammock provides a place to nap, and the steps leading to it encourage some cat cardio. Plus, this set is easy to install and re-install to accommodate your cat’s changing age, weight, and agility.


  • The steps are hardy enough to make good scratching posts as well as climbing aids.
  • It’s easy to remove the hammock from its holder and clean it in a washing machine.


  • Some cats can be nervous about using the stairs at first.

Purife Wood Cat Wall Shelves and Perches for Large Cats

Big and cozy

This large, softly padded shelf is nap heaven for cats of any size.
Most Comfortable

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If comfort is your top priority when buying cat wall shelves, look no further than this offering from Purife. With a mattress weaved from soft cotton wire and a holding capacity of up to 50 pounds, even the biggest cats can have a safe, cozy nap on this shelf. It’s easy to install as well, with few parts and a straightforward, simple to follow design. These cat wall shelves are ideal for the owner looking to give their pets a great place to relax.


  • The extra weight capacity is joined by additional width to give your cat plenty of space to play and laze.
  • Although able to carry heavy loads, its construction is lightweight, making it easy to set up and carry.


  • The cotton wire is not removable or machine washable.

PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves

Playtime all the time

The customizable setup and innovative construction of these shelves provides endless fun for your cats.
Best for Playing

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While some wall shelves excel at providing relaxation opportunities, this is the go-to when it comes to playtime. Unlike other shelves, these perches and steps can be adjusted horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. And thanks to the supplied wall anchors, no drills or power tools are required for installation. There’s no limit to the fun your cat can have with these custom cat wall shelves from PetFusion.


  • The hole in the largest shelf provides lots of possibilities for arranging a mini playground or obstacle course.
  • We found them to be sturdy enough to stay put no matter how vigorously your cat loves to play.
  • The bedding and padding stick to the shelves with Velcro, making them simple to clean or replace.


  • These are on the pricier end of most cat wall shelves you can find.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my cats don’t like their new perches?

It can take some time for cats to get used to new structures or objects in the home. If they aren’t using your new cat wall shelves, try moving them around to different parts of the house, different heights, or try one with a different shape or material if nothing seems to be working.

How do I know if a perch is safe for my cat?

Check the dimensions of the cat wall shelves you’re interested in against your cat’s height and weight. If you’re nervous about the shelf’s stability, purchase one that needs heavy-duty installation (one which needs drills, for instance). Alternatively, get a friend who’s savvy with tools to help you reinforce them.

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