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It's hard not to love a product with a cat on it, right? Cat slippers are no different, as they're warm for your feet and your heart with their cute kitten design. It's hard to imagine a slipper that could be better than one with your favorite feline creature imprinted on the top. To help you find the very best cat slippers, we've gathered and reviewed some of the best on the market today. When making our selections, we asked the following questions: Can these be worn inside and outside? How supportive are they? Are they durable enough for daily use? We were impressed by Gund's Pushenosaurus slippers for their unique look and super soft feel, as well as Jugaogao's paw style and soft memory foam. Read on to learn more about our favorite picks.

Gund Pusheenosaurus Slippers

Prehistoric comfort

These slippers are just as soft as the stuffed animals, and the unique cat-dinosaur mix is easy to love.
Best Overall

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These aren’t your average pair of cat slippers. They stand out with their glorious green shade and unique, dinosaur-like design. They’re made in honor of Pusheenosaur, a cat-like dino who’s captured the hearts of many. The slippers themselves are extra cozy, as they’re made with the same quality as Gund stuffed animals.


  • We were impressed by the amount of cushion these slippers had while still being easy to walk in.
  • The grippers on the bottom worked well on our slippery floors, which is a huge plus for slippers without hard soles.


  • The sizing is a little confusing because the options are for adults and children.

Andyyam Cat Slippers

Kid friendly slipper

These kid sized slippers provide quality, comfort, and a super cute design, all at an affordable price.
Best Value

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These cat slippers for kids are affordable and adorable. Their cozy, fluffy design is perfect for keeping your feet warm, and the little stand-up ears are a stylish touch. The bottom is tough enough to take on brief walks outside, maybe to bring out the trash or let your dog inside. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes to fit all of your young cat-lovers, too.


  • The sole of these slippers provides a decent amount of support, which is helpful if your child loves them enough to wear day in and day out.
  • The size range ensures the shoes will fit your child for a while before they need a bigger pair.


  • We found that these ran a little small, so you may want to size up to be on the safe side.

GaraTia Cat Booties

Creature comforts

These cat slippers are soft, warm, and supportive. What more could your tired toes ask for?
Most Comfortable

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GaraTia’s slippers are a perfect choice if your main goal is to keep your feet cozy. They have a hard rubber sole with memory foam embedded inside, which is suitable for short outdoor walks. The interior material is a plush fleece, which provides the perfect soft and warm feel. These slippers come in many sizes and colors, ensuring you can customize your selection to match your size and preference.


  • The manufacturer recommends hand washing these slippers, but we noticed they were fine after going through the washing machine.
  • We were impressed by how long the cushion lasted. It never seemed to flatten out, even with heavy use.
  • The size range covers children and adults, so you can purchase pairs for the entire family.


  • These seem small at first, but they stretch out a bit with time. Because of this, it’s best to order your regular size.

Jugaogao Cat Paw Slippers

Perfect pair of paws

With their creative design and luxurious fit, these paws are as unique as they are comfortable.
Most Unique

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These adorable slippers don’t just have cats on them. They’re made to look like actual cat paws. Jugaoga brings a unique but subtle style that should match a variety of clothing items. They also have a comfortable feel thanks to their memory foam interior and durable rubber sole.


  • We love that these can be put in the washing machine, as slippers tend to get dirty fairly often.
  • They feel very lightweight, which adds to their overall comfort level. 


  • These only come in adult sizes, so they can’t be used for matching footwear with the kiddos in your life.

Sketchers Women’s Too Cozy Slippers

Comfortable and walkable

Whether indoors or out, these slippers provide you with the sole support you'll need.
Best Hard Sole

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These slippers are incredibly durable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use for both short and extended periods. They have a memory foam insert and a fluffy, faux fur liner, which keep your feet warm and soft all day. Also, they come in two cat styles — a large black cat and a collection of smaller, colorful kittens.


  • These are made by Sketchers, a brand that’s well-known for well-made and comfortable footwear.
  • We found them easy to slip on, which was a nice feature for such a warm and supportive shoe.


  • These seem to run a tiny bit small, so you might need to order a half size larger than your typical size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these cat slippers true to size?

Most of the products on the list above are true to size or fairly close. The versions that run small are noted for your convenience.

Can the slippers be worn inside and outside?

If you pick a version with a hard sole, then yes. Soft-soled slippers, on the other hand, do best when they’re kept inside.

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