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If your cats attend to their personal matters from the luxury of a litter tray, you'll certainly be familiar with the inevitable mess that can result. Burrowing cats tend to fling litter particles outside even the most enclosed trays, and each journey back and forth will inevitably carry a few granules on paws to the surrounding area. This debris can be a nuisance to clean regularly, and a major irritation for bare feet around the house. Cat litter mats help to minimize this mess with smart materials that cling to loose litter, containing stray particles and making cleaning quick and hassle-free. If you're tired of cleaning around the litter tray multiple times a day, these mats could be a game-changer. To find the best litter mats money could buy, we were on the lookout for mats that provided the best litter retention, held firmly in place on a variety of floor surfaces, and were easy to clean both during routine use and after the occasional accident. We love the innovative design of Polarduck's Honeycomb mat, which helps you to save on waste by reusing spilled litter. The deep holes in this mat mean that excess litter is tucked away out of sight, but this mat could be a little small for owners of multiple cats. For a solution for larger spaces, check out the XL option from LittleTiger. Read on below to discover the rest of our top picks.

Polarduck Honeycomb Cat Litter Mat

Natural engineering

A unique honeycomb design on this mat captures and stores loose litter like no other.
Best Overall

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Constantly sweeping up residual litter can get pretty boring. This mat uses an innovative honeycomb design to trap scattered litter within the deep pockets of its textured hexagonal mesh. A delicate contour above each vertex draws loose litter inside the mat, reducing surface buildup. Due to its dual-layered opening, residual litter caught in this mat can easily be transferred back into the box to minimize waste.


  • The durable EVA material is waterproof and vacuum-safe, so this mat is sure to stand the test of time and resist investigations from claws and teeth.
  • A handle on the mat’s border makes it easy to lift and pour trapped litter.
  • We found that cats loved the texture of this mat on their paws, and some liked it so much that they use it for a back massage.


  • This mat might be on the small side for some homes.

Pieviev Double Layer Cat Litter Mat

Nothing goes to waste

Put wayward litter back to use with this pouring double-layer design.
Runner Up

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Pieviev’s hexagonal mesh double-layer mat helps you time cleaning up after even the messiest pets. With a diameter of 10mm, these holes trap a large quantity of litter, meaning you won’t have to empty it as often. The soft EVA material is smooth and comfortable for passing paws and makes it easy to remove dirt by hand washing. A phthalate-free de-odorizer in this material combats nasty odors, ensuring you can keep things sanitary.


  • The slip-resistant underlayer helps to hold this mat in place, even if your cats try to drag it across the floor.
  • We found that if you place this near a catflap, the large holes in this mat also work well to capture small debris from outdoors.
  • This tough EVA could withstand serious scratching episodes from mischievous cats without losing form.


  • The materials in this mat give off a chemical smell. You might need to air it outside for a few hours before use.

Pawkin Patented Cat Litter Mat

Silky smooth

A soft PVC woven texture ensures your cat will tread lightly.
Best For Sensitive Paws

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Finicky cat owners are sure to have a shrewd eye for materials when purchasing any new pet accessories. This high-quality PVC mat is lab tested for common toxins to ensure safety for you and your cat. It uses Litter Lock mesh technology which means these fibers cling to every last granule that falls loose from the tray. What’s more, this woven mesh is soft underfoot making it smooth and delicate on your cat’s paws.


  • This slimline mat sits closer to the floor than double-layered designs, leaving plenty of room for a door to swing above it.
  • A secure non-slip backing will hold this mat firmly in place on smooth hardwood or tiled floors.
  • We were pleased to learn that the Litter Lock mesh works equally well at capturing fine or coarse litter.


  • It’s tricky to remove litter from this mat without a vacuum cleaner

LittleTiger XL Cat Litter Mat

Far and wide

This gigantic litter mat will help to keep the biggest rooms free from loose granules.
Best For Large Spaces

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If you’re the proud owner of several cats or have a larger space in your home that they call their own, this XL cat litter mat could be the option for you. With mammoth dimensions, this mat covers a large surface area, perfect for capturing litter from multiple trays. Thick PVC bristles effortlessly cling to particles, and a waterproof design makes it easy to clean up any unexpected accidents. Your cats will love the soft texture on the surface, offering an inviting spot for naps or play.


  • Due to its ample size, we found that this is a great option if you want to cut the mat down to a custom shape for awkward spaces.
  • The textured underside makes it easy to attach this mat to the floor using command strips for added stability.
  • Thanks to the smooth border on this mat,  it’s less likely to snag on hoover attachments when cleaning the surrounding floor.


  • The large size makes this mat more taxing to shake out than smaller options.

Gorilla Grip Thick Cat Litter Trapping Mat

Color coordination

If the muted hues of other options don't float your boat, take a look at this rainbow of possibilities.
Best Color Selection

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Your litter mat will inevitably take up floor space wherever you choose to lay it down. If you’re looking to keep your interior design looking sharp this mat comes in 10 vivid colors. Of course, this mat is both stylish and functional. The diamond-weave grooves make it easier to remove litter by preventing deep immersion in the PVC bristles. The padded texture that results is incredibly gentle for your cat’s paws, meaning there’ll be no reluctance to keep things clean.


  • With seven scale options, there’s a mat to suit rooms of all shapes and sizes.
  • We think the diamond weave is excellent at containing liquid flow on the mat, meaning accidental spills are isolated and easier to clean up.
  • This mat holds its place on the floor like no other. We found that it held firmly in place even when trying to shift it underfoot.


  • The texture of this mat can make it troublesome to clean up larger accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my cat litter mat?

Removing litter from the clinging or entrapping designs of these mats is easy. Giving your mat a good shake outdoors will dislodge most of the litter granules clinging to the mesh or within each hole. Vacuuming on a high setting should leave your mat clean and ready to combat future spills for stubborn pieces that have fallen through the cracks. For a deep clean, wash by hand with soapy water, rinse, and air dry. Most plastic mats can’t be machine washed, but these smart materials are designed to repel dirt and odors, making hand-cleaning less of a chore.

My cats don’t use litter trays. What else can I use these mats for?

Even if your four-legged friend prefers the solitude of a backyard to attend to their private business, we found these litter mats could be a useful addition to any feline household. They could be a great option for placing beside catflaps to catch debris from muddy paws. Waterproof and durable materials also made them great to use by feeding bowls for easy cleaning after messy eaters.

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