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Dog's shouldn't be the only ones who get to take a stroll around the block. Though many of us allow our cats to roam freely throughout the neighborhood, some indoor pets might not often get the opportunity to explore the outdoors. A cat harness is a great way to treat them to an adventure without risking loss or harm. You might consider using a harness to exercise indoor cats who don't have access to a backyard, treat growing kittens who aren't privy to the dangers of the unknown or walk wayward explorers otherwise known to disappear if left to their own devices. Regardless of your feline's temperament, we're sure you'll love the opportunity to share new vistas with them by your side. To be sure that we selected only the best cat harnesses on the market, we wanted to know that they were easily adjustable to prevent escape, comfortable to wear, and had a secure leash attachment. We love the Rabbitgoo cat harness that offers maximum comfort with its lightweight and breathable nylon fabric. This option has a long leash to accommodate curious explorers and reflective strips to draw attention in dim conditions. For a minimalist design that could be a great travel option, take a look at the harness from Pidan. Read on below to discover the rest of our favorites.

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash

Strap in and strut

Get ready for walks with this comfortable adventure outfit.
Best Overall

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Introduce your cat to the great outdoors with this cozy harness set. This nylon walking vest offers maximum comfort to your cat. Its super-soft padded lining and breathable air mesh fabric will keep them feeling fresh. Weighing in at just under 100 grams, this harness won’t encumber energetic cats while out on the prowl. With four adjustable buckles, two neck straps, and two chest straps, there are plenty of adjustment options to find a snug fit for cats of all shapes and sizes.


  • We think the quick-release buckles make this harness speedy to put on and remove.
  • Thanks to the sturdy metal leash ring and clip, you won’t have to worry about this leash coming loose.
  • The 1.5-meter length will give your cats plenty of space to roam.


  • If drawn to their tightest position, these buckles might rub against the front legs of smaller cats.

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness For Small Cats

Small and snug

This fun-sized vest leaves no room for little ones to escape.
Best For Kittens

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We all know that kittens have a taste for adventure, but allowing them to roam free in the wrong setting could be a recipe for disaster. This scaled-down design from Rabbitgoo is built with the curious young felines in mind. Textured nylon ensures a comfortable fit for slim frames, and the extra soft padding at the sleeves reduces discomfort. Thanks to its minimal design, this option is a breeze to get on and off.


  • The reflective bands and rugged weatherproof materials make this a great option for outdoor escapades at any hour of the day and any time of year.
  • We appreciate that this vest works to distribute force evenly across your cat’s upper body. This reduces discomfort and is a great collar alternative.
  • With ten bold color options to choose from, you’re sure to find a style to suit any coat.


  • The top-buckle design might cause your cat to get stuck if they try to crawl under small gaps.

Gauterf Cat Harness and Leash

Let there be light

See and be seen with this highly reflective option.
Best Reflective

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Say goodbye to tightness and discomfort with this wide-necked vest from Gauterf. A velcro seal on the back holds the lightweight mesh snugly in place, and two adjustable shoulder straps leave plenty of room for your growing kitty. The leash locks to two sturdy metal D-rings, providing ultimate security and distributing weight from your grip. With six size options ranging from XXS to XL, there’s a vest to fit cats of all life stages.


  • We love that this harness is machine-washable. It’s easier than ever to clean up dirt and other grime from the road.
  • These 3M reflective bands are larger than other options, offering optimal visibility during nighttime adventures.
  • We found that the handle on this grip was secure and comfortable, making it effortless to sustain a firm hold on longer walks.


  • This 1.1-meter leash is shorter than some other options.

Heywean Ultra Light Cat Harness

Functional and stylish

Dress to impress with these boldly patterned vests.
Best Pattern Options

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If your feline is a little fashionista in the making, they’re sure to enjoy showing off these vibrant designs as you stroll together. Since this harness opens from the back, it’s simple to put on. You’ll save time strapping in, thanks to this single fixed-lock buckle that does away with the fiddly business of multiple clasps on some other designs. A 360-degree rotating attachment on the leash allows them to explore all sorts of acrobatics without causing twists and tangles.


  • We found that the detailed measurement chart lived up to expectations, providing accurate sizing that was secure yet comfortable.
  • The breathable material offers cats maximum airflow while on the prowl, leaving their coats sleek and fresh after each wear.
  • Without any buckles or straps on the underside of this vest, it’s more comfortable for cats to sit down or take a nap.


  • It isn’t possible to adjust the length of the buckle on this vest, so be sure to measure up before you buy.

Pidan Cat Harness and Leash

Less means more

This strap only design does away with bulky vests.
Best Minimalist Design

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If you feel that a half-body harness detracts from the natural elegance of your cat’s coat, this is the option for you. Pidan does away with the vest design in favor of this minimalistic, two-strap body piece that keeps things simple. Despite its sparse appearance, the soft silk polyester makes these straps incredibly delicate on cats’ coats and skin. Better yet, the buckles on each strap can be adjusted upwards of five inches, so finding an ideal fit is easy.


  • Its compact design means it’s an excellent choice for travel.
  • Thanks to the adjustable strap length, there’s a lot of room to grow in this harness. We think it’s an excellent option for kittens since you can adjust the harness as they grow.
  • A compact and less invasive design might make it easier to introduce this harness to picky cats.


  • Though the central leash attachment works well to distribute pressure, your cat won’t be as delicately supported as it would with an upper-body vest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I encourage my cat to try a new harness?

Tempting our cats to try new garments can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with a finicky feline. Before you attempt to take your cats outside in a new harness, give them time to get comfortable in their new outfit indoors. If you encounter resistance, try leaving the harness beside their favorite nap spots. This will provide them with the chance to carry out preliminary investigations on their terms, infusing the fabric with familiar pheromones in the process.

How can I test that my harness is fitted correctly to prevent escape?

When strapping our four-legged friends into their new harness, the last thing we want to do is to constrict their movement or cause discomfort. However, we also want to be sure that the harness is securely fastened to avoid escape when we’re out in the wild. For peace of mind against any budding Houdini, we recommend testing the harness indoors first. Attaching the lead to a table or chair leg will encourage your cat to search for escape before too long, providing the perfect test conditions. Depending on the outcome, you can adjust buckles accordingly. Aim to strike a balance between comfort and security.

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