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You'll probably agree with us that there’s no such thing as too much cat apparel. Something about the appeal of feline companionship makes you want to have a little taste of cattitude everywhere you go, whether you’re organizing your office or getting cozy on your couch. Since you can’t bring your cat with you everywhere, we decided to come up with a list of the best cat décor you can find on the market. Before making it onto our top tier, we asked ourselves three important questions about each product: How adorable is it? Can it be used for everyday activities? Will it stand up to wear and tear? We found a world of cat products that cover an astonishing array of personal tastes, from the Post-it Store’s charming cat-shaped note dispenser to HiChen’s kitty-themed laundry basket that practically does everything but purr. There’s sure to be something to feed your feline obsession somewhere on this list, so find the purr-fect cat décor for you by reading our favorite picks.

HiChen Large Woven Cotton Rope Storage Basket

A basketful of fun

With its soft, resilient rope construction, this basket is an artful combination of form and function.
Best Basket

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The only thing better than adorable cat décor is adorable cat décor that’s useful as well. The cute cat ears on this basket double as handles, which is a clever design trick that can’t help but make us smile. Plus, this basket is soft, strong, and machine washable as well. For cat décor that also serves as an invaluable helper for household chores, HiChen’s storage basket is an excellent choice.


  • Thanks to the basket’s soft yet firm rope construction, creases, folds, and other blemishes effortlessly smooth over.
  • As a cute, all-purpose container, this versatile cat décor can store not only dirty clothes but also toys, blankets, and even sleeping kitties.


  • The rope construction means the basket will sag a bit more than baskets made from other materials.

Yeahome Metal Cat Garden Stakes

Stake your claim

These stakes feature beautifully handcrafted workmanship and are durable enough to weather any storm.
Best For The Garden

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No well-maintained outdoor space is complete without a set of garden stakes to keep your soil cool and moist, so why not purchase a set inspired by your favorite pets? These hand-painted stakes make for fantastic cat décor, and the interior metalwork gives these stakes a silhouette that dazzles in the sun.


  • The larger cat is outfitted with marble eyes, adding an extra layer of radiance to the decoration when the sunlight hits.
  • Strong winds won’t uproot these sturdy garden stakes.
  • The cat design is realistic enough to scare off smaller plant predators, such as birds and squirrels.


  • They are only available in black these stakes may blend in too much with darker mulch.

Post-It Pop-Up Note Dispenser

A helping hand

We doubt you've ever had such a cute office assistant.
Best Note Dispenser

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We can all use a bit of help remembering to make and check our notes from time to time, and it certainly helps you keep track of them when your assistant is as cute as this. This Post-it note dispenser is made from tough ABS plastic, so it’s durable as well as adorable. Plus, it even comes with a small pad of notes to get you started. You likely won’t want to go back to leaving Post-it stacks on your desk once this charming feline shows up to hold them for you.


  • This delightful dispenser can also hang on to other small objects, like stickers and pens.
  • It is surprisingly hefty, making it difficult to tip or knock over during use.


  • It is a bit on the pricey side for providing such a simple service.

Ambipolar Cat Decorative Bookend

Read all about it

These classically inspired bookends hold your favorite literary works with a dash of feline style.
Best Bookends

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Nothing beats curling up with a good book in your hands and a cat in your lap. Now you can get a little dose of that feeling every time you look at your shelf. This sophisticated bookend set from Ambipolar is made from heavy cast iron, ensuring your books won’t go tumbling, even if your real-life cat comes nosing around your favorite novels. Additionally, the neutral color scheme should match any decor, from rustic to modern. You won’t find a better gift for cat lovers and bookworms alike.


  • These are very affordable when compared to bookends of similar make and quality.
  • While these are marketed as bookends, they’re also capable of holding DVDs or video games as well.


  • Unlike real cats, these kitties don’t have pads on their feet, meaning they might scratch certain surfaces.

Kitty Kat Klock

Cat time all the time

You've probably seen a clock like this in an old cartoon, and now you can have one in your own home.
Best Vintage Design

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Sometimes classic designs have their reputation for good reason, and this example of vintage throwback cat décor is a perfect case in point. These kitty clocks from Kit Kat Klock have been delighting households for almost a century; the black plastic sheen and mischievous Cheshire grin bring a level of charm to telling the time that digital clocks simply can’t compete with. Once you get used to the concept of winding up a clock like your parents used to do, you’re sure to find that this old-school cat décor will add irreplaceable personality to your household.


  • Older friends and family members are sure to feel a rush of pleasant familiarity at seeing this blast from the past in your house.
  • At half a pound and just over a foot in length, this clock won’t take up unnecessary room on your walls.


  • While this clock is cute, we wish that it was a bit bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the perfect piece of cat decor?

This will obviously be a matter of personal taste. However, cat decorations and accessories should generally be cute without necessarily being cloying, and if they happen to serve a practical function, then so much the better. You’ll also want to make sure your cat item of choice is durable and won’t break if small accidents should happen to them.

What kinds of cat decor are cat-safe?

Almost anything not made with harmful chemicals or small, consumable parts is safe to display around your kitty. If it happens to be cute enough to make them jealous, a few snuggles and ear scritches from you should be enough to set their little hearts at ease.

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