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If you're looking for a new snuggle spot for your cat, why not treat them to their very own luxurious couch? Pillows and blankets offer some comfort for your pet, but a couch provides a space they can truly call their own. As well as making a comfortable bed, these couches also provide posture support to make sure they feel fresh in the morning. During our search for the best cat couches, we had three questions in mind: Will the fabric on this couch keep our cats warm? How does the cushioning help to keep our cats comfortable? Are the materials durable and easy to wash? We love the elevated frame from MSMASK for its durable and snug design that's to win your cat over. If you're looking for an option offering padded cushion support, bear in mind that you need to provide your own pillow for this frame. For the ultimate in cozy comfort, check out the memory foam option from Furhaven, which offers orthopedic support during a snooze. Read on below to learn more about our top picks of cat couches on the market today.

MSMASK Elevated Bed Frame

Customized comfort

This sturdy frame provides plenty of room for a comfy sleep pad or pillow.
Best Overall

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If you tend to have trouble getting your cat to adjust to new furniture, this frame from MSMASK could be the ideal solution. With a frame-only construction, you’re free to repurpose your cat’s favorite napping pillow into an elegant new bed. Its sleek design should blend well with most interiors. Thanks to its durable waterproof surface, the wood finish will stay in prime condition.


  • We discovered that the raised sleeping position was perfect for cats in warmer climates. It could make for a new favorite sleeping spot if your cat gets restless in the heat.
  • We found that it could even sleep two medium-sized cats comfortably.
  • The sturdy metal frame holds the bed securely in place, and we found it naturally deterred scratching and biting.


  • This frame comes without bed pillows, so be sure to have something comfy on hand after assembly.

Furhaven Memory Foam Pet Bed

For the sprawling feline

This memory foam cushioned bed is ideal for larger cats who need room to stretch their paws.
Best For Large Cats

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Furhaven’s orthopedic design is sure to give your cats their beauty sleep. A memory foam base lined with cozy faux fur offers supreme warmth and comfort. Plus, the foam itself helps relieve joint pain and improve body alignment. A raised velvet cushioning gives gentle head support during a power nap while also providing a snug venue for burrowing. And with five available colors, you’re sure to find a bed to fit your decor.


  • We found that the velvet and faux fur covering on this bed was soft on our cat’s paws and noses, an ideal choice for more sensitive cats.
  • The memory foam cushioning makes for an incredibly comfortable bed, especially for older cats who need more support.
  • We love that the cover on this bed is removable. This made cleaning easy in the event of any accidents.


  • The memory foam compresses over time if it’s not given a little time to bounce back into shape after each use.

Paws & Pals Printed Lounger

Big in comfort, small in size

Give your cat a good night's sleep no matter where you are with this soft and compact lounger.
Best For Travel

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This cushy design will wrap your cats in a warm embrace during any snooze. A fuzzy polyester fleece exterior works alongside a reflective inner lining to retain heat, keeping your cat cozy whatever the weather. The fabric is machine washable, making cleaning easy. With a cute but tastefully printed design, it’s sure to complement any room.


  • Due to its compact and foldable design, we found that this option was an ideal travel companion.
  • It’s available in several different sizes, so you’ll likely find the perfect fit for your cat.
  • The bottom of this bed is lined with a non-skid material and sits firmly in place on smooth surfaces like vinyl or hardwood.


  • The cover can’t be removed when washing, so it takes a while to dry.

Petco Cardboard Cat Scratcher Couch

For the clawing kittie

This cardboard couch is the perfect option for cats with curious claws.
Best For Scratching

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Sometimes our cats would rather tear new furniture to shreds than curl up for a nap. If you’re looking for a bed to appease your kitty’s claws, check out this option from Petco. With a cardboard design, this couch is designed to withstand serious punishment. A corrugated surface made from 100% recycled paper mimics the texture of tree bark to help your cats keep their claws strong and healthy. When they’re done playing, the secluded seat provides a warm nap spot shielded from drafts. For the feistiest of cats, this could be a great choice.


  • If your cat seems hesitant, the included catnip and fuzzy toy may help them warm up to this couch.
  • We were skeptical of the non-replaceable cardboard design on this couch, but we found that it could withstand scratching from three cats for over a month while still maintaining its shape.
  • The snug dimensions are perfect for larger cats to curl up inside.


  • We wish there were some more options for patterns and colors.

Getifun Pet Sofa Bed

Creature comforts

Bring out the royalty in your feline with this luxuriously comfortable couch.
Most Luxurious

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If you won’t settle for anything less than pure luxury for your cat, you’ll love this decadent sofa bed. The solid wood frame supports high-density soft sponge and cotton cushions housed in velvet fabric. The cushions are easily removable for cleaning, meaning you can easily keep this couch looking as fresh as the rest of your furniture.


  • With six colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches the rest of your decor.
  • The couch legs are removable, so you can adjust for height or avoid marking delicate flooring.
  • We love that the cushion can be removed and exchanged for a different shape if your cat prefers something else.


  • This option brings serious style and is a little pricier than other cat couches as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I encourage my cat to try out a new couch?

We all know it can sometimes be a challenge to capture our pet’s attention regarding new toys and treats. Cat’s can be picky sleepers, and sometimes they won’t explore a new bed for some time. If you’re struggling to get them to try a new couch, use catnip to get their attention. You can also try laying their favorite blanket over the new bed.

How can I easily remove cat hair from a frequently used bed?

If your cat loves their sofa, it’s sure to accumulate some loose fur over time. Cat hair can be tricky to remove from fuzzy fabrics. Our favorite tool for cleaning a well-used bed is a lint roller. Some vacuum cleaners also offer special attachments for removing pet hair which we found could be incredibly effective.

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