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If you're a cat owner, you know your feline friend needs a lot of accessories, both for pleasure and for practical use. A great cat accessory can be fun and functional simultaneously, and you shouldn't feel the need to compromise between the two. With that in mind, we decided to make a list of some of the best miscellaneous cat tools and toys you and your kitty can try out today. When selecting these accessories, we kept three questions in mind: Are they safe and useful for your cat? Are they simple enough for you to put to use immediately? Are they fun or stylish enough that you won't mind showing them off? We found a number of accessories that successfully answered all of these questions. The self-groomer from Yuntop is a fantastic household addition for any pet owner with fussy cats who typically shy away from your brush. The adorable princess outfit from ADOGGYGO, on the other hand, is simply a delight on birthdays or any other days you feel like dressing up your cat. Whatever your needs or wants as a cat owner, you'll find something on this list for you to put your paws on, so keep reading.

Remifa Dog Bandanas

Fashionable feline

This cozy yet rugged garb makes a great addition to any cat outfit.
Best Bandanas

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Despite being sold as dog bandanas, these stylish wares make for excellent cat accessories as well. These bandanas can be folded multiple times, so even smaller cats can enjoy an air of panache. The comfortably durable dyed cotton comes in a wide range of fun patterns. We think you’ll find one to match your cat’s personality. These cat accessories are perfect for adding a dash of style to any cat’s fashion sense.


  • The cotton is light enough that it will rest gently on your cats without bothering them.
  • We like that each bandana is double-sided, so you’re getting double the number of styles for half the typical asking amount.


  • These bandanas will shrink if left in a hot dryer.

Airtag Dog Collar Holder from Typecase

Tag, your cat's it

This Airtag holder ensures you'll have an easy time finding your cat and collar alike.
Best Airtag Holders

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If you frequently misplace your pet’s collar, these waterproof Airtag holders are essential cat accessories. These cases are built specifically to accommodate collars and won’t be easily shaken or bumped off. They’re made from a soft silicone material and hang close to the collar. This keeps them secure without putting too much pressure on your pet’s neck. Add a fun dash of color, and you have cat accessories that are both stylish and useful.


  • It’s easy to adjust the tag out of your pet’s face so that it doesn’t prevent them from eating or drinking (and doesn’t get messy during meals, either).
  • The stark, minimal color scheme allows it to fit in easily with any design of cat collar.
  • We appreciate their durability. Even fussy cats won’t be able to bite or claw them off.


  • A cat with thick enough fur can mask the sound emitted by the Airtag.

ADOGGYGO Birthday Party Supplies

Party time

Dress your cat up like the princess she knows she is on her special day.
Best Birthday Bundle

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What better way to celebrate your feline friend’s special day than with a cute costume? The tutu is adjustable, and the bandana is cotton which shouldn’t irritate your pet’s fur. Also, the crown has a bottom that ensures it won’t tumble off without a fight. It even comes with a “Happy Birthday” banner to make the occasion that much more special. If you want the perfect present for your kitty’s birthday, this cat accessory is the only gift you need (besides maybe a couple of treats).


  • We love that the bandana can also be used as a cape with minimal adjustment.
  • Since the material is high quality and adjustable, this party outfit can be used to celebrate birthdays for years.


  • The bandana wrinkles easily and can be bothersome to iron out.

Puoyis Bat Wings

Like a cat out of heck

These wings won't make your cat fly, but they will add an adorable air of supernatural mystery to them.
Best Costume

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If you’re in need of a simple, spooky costume for your next pet dress-up session, this Puoyisis’s bat wings are the way to go. The stark black adds to the dusky tone of dark cats and contrasts nicely with lighter cats. Plus, the light felt material allows your kitty to be comfortable for a full day of play. This cat accessory will make a great conversation piece when your friends and family next drop by.


  • We think it’s easy to fit over a harness, so feel free to promenade your cat’s costume in public.
  • Unlike many costumes, this one is light enough that many cats will actively enjoy wearing it.


  • Since it’s made of felt, it does accrue a lot of visible cat hair.

Yuntop Cat Corner Self Groomer

Perfect for furballs

This self-groomer lets your cat add a handsome sheen to their coat, with no effort on your part.
Best Groomer

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If you’re looking to reduce the time and energy it takes to groom your cat, we think this accessory is indispensable. While it’s marketed as a grooming tool, your cat can use this to scratch otherwise unreachable itches.  These sturdy, comfy combs are easy to install on any corner of your home. Fill them with catnip, and your cat will be unable to resist smooshing against it. It’s a simple, ingenious idea, and what cat doesn’t look adorable when they’re scratching their back? This cat accessory marries form and function, and anyone will be able to put it to good use.


  • It’s affordable enough that you can get multiple units to have around the house without taxing your budget.
  • Cats who don’t usually enjoy being cleaned by their humans are a perfect fit for this self-groomer.
  • We found that this cat accessory can be installed at multiple angles and heights, making it suitable for any home.


  • It can leave marks on walls with softer surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a cat accessory?

Any decent cat accessory should be useful for its owner and comfortable as well as safe for the cat in question. If it also happens to have an adorable design, so much the better.

Should cat accessories be more balanced towards usefulness for humans or for cats?

The ideal cat accessory will be something that’s easy for you to use, as well as actively enjoyable or useful for your cat. The right cat accessory will be of use to everyone, no matter what species they are.

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