The Best Calming Collars For Cats

We all love to see the playful and adventurous side of our cats. Occasionally, however, cheeky behavior can lead to the development of unhealthy patterns. Cat calming collars offer a potential solution to addressing the temperaments of restless or disruptive felines. They're also a handy remedy for disruptive episodes, such as moving or trips to the vet. As we searched for the best calming collars for cats, we had three questions in mind: How effective is the scent infusion at calming our cats? How long do the collars remain effective after use? How safe are the collars for our cats to wear, both supervised and alone? We were immediately drawn to Sentry Pet Care's collar. It offers a long-lasting formula that we found was very effective in soothing feline anxiety. If you're looking for a more subtle solution for indoor-only cats, Comfort Zone provides a breakaway collar fortified with soothing aromas and pheromones. Read on below to learn more about our favorite calming collars for cats.

Sentry Pet Care Calming Collar

Calm and steady

This collar provides a strong yet soothing scent that should outlast any bad mood.
Best Overall

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For cats that need their energy tamed, look no further than this calming collar from Sentry Pet Care. Infused with a long lasting synthetic pheromone, this collar works magic to channel your cat’s inner zen, combatting bouts of excessive meowing, marking, and scratching. The collar comes with an adjustable buckle to fit necks of up to 15 inches in diameter, so it should fit most cats.


  • We found that this collar was great at relieving naturally anxious cats.
  • If you’ve been struggling with altercations within a group of cats, we observed that this collar effectively reduced instances of aggression.
  • We even found that this collar could effectively encourage better toilet habits in our cats, so it could be the perfect solution to spraying incidents.


  • The breakaway component in this collar was too rigid for our cats to remove.

Kaspiu Calming Collar, 3 Pack

Naturally calm

Take comfort in knowing that your cat will find calm with this collar's essential oil mix of lavender and citronella.
Best Scent

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These collars use relaxing essential oils to help your cat unwind. With its age-old natural blend of lavender and citronella, this delicate formula offers respite to weary cats. A nifty snap-adjustable clasp makes this collar easy to fit, with a maximum diameter of 15 inches for a one-size-fits-all solution.


  • The infusion in this collar is sealed with a waterproof design, perfect for enduring wear from even the most playful and adventurous felines.
  • With a combined lifespan of 90 days, we found this bundle offered an ideal period of calm to address unruly behavior.
  • The natural ingredients of these collars provide a hypoallergenic solution, so they could be the ideal choice for more sensitive cats.


  • We found the scent of these collars to be on the pungent side, so they might not be the best choice for indoor cats.

CPFK Calming Collar, 3 Pack

A comfy fit

These cozy collars are a great option for fussy cats.
Most Comfortable

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With a snap to fit design, this option from CPFK could be one to check out if your cat tends to get fussy with collars. With an adjustable plastic buckle, you can be sure to find a fit that stays snug without causing discomfort. The plastic design means that this collar can be easily cut to length once a perfect fitting has been found. This means there’s no excess strapping to cause irritation. With a pheromone release mimicking the scent of a mother cat, this rigid and comfy design is sure to keep your cat feeling right at home.


  • We found that the pheromone infusion in this collar worked particularly well to tame feisty unneutered cats.
  • Each collar is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. We found that they still worked for up to 30 days even when opened months after purchase.
  • We were pleased to see that this collar had a calming influence within hours of first use.


  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidance in allowing a supervised period on first wear. Some sensitive cats may be irritated by the scent.

Weewooday Lavender Calming Collar, 4 Pack

Longlasting lavender

Whether you own multiple cats or just want to be prepared, this four pack is a great price. Plus, the lavender scented collar provides natural soothing relief for tense cats.
Best Multipack

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We love this option from Weewooday as it’s an effective and affordable therapy for unruly felines. This natural remedy is safe for cats of all ages and leaves a subtle and pleasant fragrance around the house. It’s ideal for trips outside, time alone in the house, or to soothe overexcited temperaments. If you’re experimenting with calming collars for the first time or own several cats, this multipack could be a great option.


  • We think the two color options bring a touch of style to these collars.
  • The natural infusion of lavender and chamomile act fast. It noticeably impacts behavior within 20 minutes of wearing.
  • It’s comfortable, and we found that even cats who had never worn a collar before were willing to try these out.


  • The collars didn’t retain their scent for as long as some other options.

Comfort Zone Breakaway Calming Collar, 2 Pack

Safety first

Don't take any chances with this breakaway collar design.
Best Safety

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Any collar brings the risk of our cats getting caught in an uncomfortable situation. Comfort Zone’s breakaway mechanism means the collar will open under excessive strain, in turn relieving your cat from irritation or injury. Fortified with comforting pheromones, these collars are sure to keep your cat serene and snug.


  • If you’re not so keen on essential oil fragrances, these collars provide an effective remedy without the lavender, chamomile, and citronella ingredients of other options.
  •  The flexible silicone design is easily adjustable, and they fit snugly for over any length coat.
  • The pheromone infusion has an impressive lifespan.  It worked effectively during 24/7 use for over a month.


  • They’re a bit pricier than some other options. With a design that puts safety first, we think they’re worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a calming collar work to tame my cat’s behavior?

If you’ve experienced success with calming collars, you might be surprised by the seemingly magical influence these garments have on cats. This effect is the result of applied research into feline pheromone communication. Cats have a sensitive structure above the roof of their mouth called the vomeronasal organ. It allows them to detect the presence of pheromone signals.  Synthetic chemicals that imitate the pheromones cats secrete to signal a safe environment make your cat feel at home in any situation.

What are the active ingredients in a cat calming collar?

Alongside the presence of synthetic pheromones, cat collars often work their magic with a range of other naturally calming remedies. Ingredients vary between manufacturers, but some of the most common active compounds include essential oils like lavender and chamomile. Despite a natural aversion to lavender plants, these extracts could have a soothing effect on most cats.

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